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No Sweat when on the move

If you are a small business owner you don’t have to worry anymore about receiving your payments when on the move. There’s no fear about missing out on something or losing an order because you have to return to your office to send an invoice. With LocalBizPayments’ business solution you can do it from wherever you are with the click of a key. You can make out an invoice and send it to your customer immediately. There’s no time lag. Just make it out on your iPad, iPhone, Laptop or any other internet enabled device and send it. Your customer receives your invoice instantaneously and approves it as soon as he can. You want to close the deal? That’s as simple and immediate. Just key in your customer’s credit card details and the amount to be paid and it’s done instantly, the moment you click to confirm. LocalBizPayments makes all this happen through its automatic payment system which offers you a simple, secure payment solution: this saves you time and money, and it’s reliable. Your customer gets a receipt by email as soon as the transaction is through and so do you. LocalBizPayments offers you a host of financial services to make your life as a small business owner that much easier and more productive. For further details and to sign up, log on to www.localbizpayments.com