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The Small Business Automatic Payment System

LocalBizPayments offers the perfect business solution for a small business owner on the move. Its automatic payment system provides simple and secure payment processing which saves the small business owner a great deal of valuable time. It does away with cumbersome paperwork, hurried drives to the bank within the limited banking hours, and the time taken for a check to be encashed. If you are a small business owner or manager, you can visit your customer’s site and close an order right then and there. If you have to provide an invoice, there’s no problem. Simply make it out on your iPhone, iPad or laptop and send it to your customer. If you need to process a credit card payment from your customer, you can do it right away. Just key in your customer’s credit card details and the amount and leave the rest to LocalBizPayments. Your payment will be put through instantaneously and you’ll be informed automatically about it. Your customer too will get an helpful emailed receipt.

Credit card and ACH processing are just two of the facets of LocalBizPayments’ business solution. Check out http://www.localbizpayments.com to know more of their range of financial services designed to save you time and effort and make your business life easier.