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Your Convenient One-Stop Payment Location

LocalBizPayments’ business solution is the smart way to make payments. It transacts them immediately using your smart phone, notebook, tablet or laptop or any device with internet access. All you do is type in the credit card details of your client and the amount, and your transaction goes through. With LocalBizPayments you can receive credit card payments at the touch of a key.

LocalBizPayments is your convenient one-stop payment location. It’s one of the smartest ways to keep track of all your payments received. You can easily access your account showing your payment history. All your transactions are in one location, showing the amount received and the date the transaction was processed. All the information you need is there available instantly in your one-stop payment location. You can go to your payments calendar which will show you all the payments received at a glance. Create your invoice whenever you want. And there’s no problem about scheduling invoices and reminders from your one-stop payment location. This makes life a lot easier for you! But then, LocalBizPayments has designed it that way. For details of LocalBizPayments’ indispensable business solutions, log on to www.localbizpayments.com