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Customer intimacy the key to small business growth

There’s nothing new about ‘customer intimacy’. It was first mooted in a Harvard Business Review article way back in 1993. But what is customer intimacy and how do you go about achieving it?

Customer intimacy is that state of getting to know your customers intimately so as to devise ways to serve them better. If they like you better it follows that they use you more. And the more you learn about your customers, the better you know them and the better you’ll be able to serve them. Customer intimacy is the key to any business growth, but more significantly small business growth. It goes on and on from there establishing a ‘virtuous cycle’.

Customer intimacy has helped many small businesses survive the recent economic downturn which forced many small businesses to shut shop. It underscored the importance of deepening relationships to retain existing customers rather than win new ones. One of the ways to better customer intimacy was to anticipate their needs to serve them better. In keeping with this sentiment LocalBizPayments released their business solution model which helped small businesses close deals quicker. Gone was the need for paperwork and the delay it involved. Small businesses were not empowered to create invoices and collect advance payments and deliver receipts at the click of a key. Using LocalBizPayments’ payments solution gave many small businesses that competitive edge. To know more and gain your business a cutting edge, sign up at http://www.localbizpayments.com/ today.