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Export Transactions to Quickbooks

Quickbooks is a popular line of business accounting software designed for small business owners who have not had any formal accounting training. Because it is easy to use and understand, it is the business accounting software used by 85 percent of small businesses. It still holds a large segment of the small business accounting software market. In the early days professional accountants had some reservations about this software, but these drawbacks have since been addressed and resolved by Intuit the owners and marketers. In the process of its evolution, Quickbooks is now offered in various versions designed for different kinds of small businesses.

Like Intuit, LocalBizPayments released its Business Solution with small business owners in mind. It allows the user remarkable flexibility and convenience in creating invoices and collecting payments through credit cards without having to pay exorbitant fees charged by credit card companies. It is a simple payment solution that has come as a boon to many professionals, freelancers, consultants and other small and micro business entities. Users can now operate with any internet enabled device from any location. The most significant advantage with LocalBizPayments’ business solutions is that any transaction through it is easy to export to Quickbooks. Thousands of small business owners have benefited from it so why not you? Click on http://www.localbizpayments.com/ to know more.