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Customer billing and getting payment just got easier

LocalBizPayments knows what a hassle it is to bill your customers and get payment, so they designed their unique business solution just for small businesses like yours. They’ve made invoicing and payments so easy it’s almost automatic and it benefits both you and your customers. With LocalBizPayments’ unique business solution you can concentrate on expanding your business and cementing relationships with your customers. Now your calls to them won’t be just payment reminders. After all, small business is all about relationships. This business solution is easy to use and so very convenient. All you need is your iPhone, iPad or laptop and you’re a one-man mobile office. You’ll be able to make invoices and receive payments, all on the move. And you want to check on payment history or get other financial statements? It’s all at hand at the touch of a key. LocalBizPayments has thought about just what you need and what makes your business tick. Do yourself a favor and give LocalBizPayments a call at 408.359.2452. It just might be the most important call you’ll ever make. Learn more about how their business solution can benefit you by logging on to www.localbizpayments.com