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LocalBizPayments takes you the paperless route

‘Environ-friendly’ is today’s battle cry and LocalBizPayments is doing its bit for the cause. LocalBizPayments has designed its business solution so you, as a responsible small business owner, take your first tentative, eco-friendly step toward a paperless office. When you use LocalBizPayments’ business solution, all you need is your iPhone, iPad or laptop to do business and maintain your financial records securely, which only you can access with your password. This unique business solution lets you do more when on the move, so you have much more time for yourself or to expand your business. It’s a great tool to improve your work/life balance so you’re not under constant pressure; and you’re doing it the green way to boot. With LocalBizPayments’ business solution your financial history is stored carefully in one location so you know what payments you have received, what they were for, and when the transaction was completed. You don’t have to waste time searching for critical accounting information; it’s all there at the touch of a key. So give yourself a break and have LocalBizPayments batting on your side. Click on www.localbizpayments.com to know how your business can benefit from their unique business solution.